I have just found your blog and I love it already! Thanks so much for the chance. I’d love the journaling Bible. These products are amazing. Looking forward to getting you to 500 followers so we can play that Newlyweds game with you and the mister! She was fascinated and wanted to get started right away…after a vain search of local thrift stores we finally returned home and decided to get started on an old copy of the Message version of the Wisdom books…it has fairly wide margins and more than enough verses to start with. The Pigma Micron Bible Study Kit is a perfect set of pens for those who enjoy taking a fresh and creative approach to Bible journaling. Wow! Continue on we love hearing from you . *This article contains affiliate links. Oh, and Happy 3rd Bloggiversary, too! I’m new to Bible journaling – I’d be excited to try any of the things you posted about! G.T. I am really struggling with the fear of messing up. I am not at all creative or artistic but I think this would make a beautiful wedding shower gift for my oldest daughter who is getting married next Spring. Pens. Ha ha, the “craft needs” are real, aren’t they? The results pleased us both very much. That’s so kind of you to say. Woah, girl. You are such an inspiration to me and SO many others. It’s awesome to see more people becoming aware of it. As a collector of a variety of crafting materials and office supplies, I have learned one can never have too much! There’s also so much you can do with splashes of color and stickers and stamps that don’t require any “drawing” skills. Nothin’ fancy! And I keep reminding myself this isn’t an art contest. What great items your giving someone the chance to own! I am most excited about the E.S.V. I know it will be the same for you two! I must get me some of those Twistable Colored Pencils!! Yours was so evident! I love this post! Faber-Castell / 2017 / Gift. It’s not too expensive and the paints are so nice to use- super pigmented and really smooth- and they come with such a great amount of colors! And not to mention, this giveaway is amazing as well!! I know, the combo is so much fun because it helps break down any barriers to getting started. But I gotta … What a lovely thing to offer to your readers/subscribers! I’ve really enjoyed all the information you have shared with all of us. Thank you for sharing your favorite items with us. As an older blogger in this world of energetic and innovative young ladies like yourself, having some tools to get the Bible Journaling started to share with ladies my age would be AMAZING! #mustnoteat. Happy Anniversary! This is such a wonderful thing! You’re come to the right place, because I have written three posts on the subject in hopes of them igniting a fire in you just as Shanna Noel’s Illustrated Faith website did for me. I am very similar to you in that I have way too many craft supplies, but can’t help myself from picking up just a few more at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I’m looking forward to having you along for the ride, Rebecca. Here are some great tools to get you started: Pens and Pencils Make the crafty heart go pitter-patter. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on 3 years, from a new follower. Happy Aniversary! This is amazing! Your Bible pages are lovely. And happy blogiversary! Congratulations on 3 years Very generous giveaway, thanks! Newcomer to Bible Journaling and I have to admit that it took me a week of thinking and planning before I was able to make my first mark in my Bible. Glad you found some sparks of inspiration here during your visit. The downside of the pigment inks is that they take longer to dry, so just keep that in mind. Bible journaling just appeals to me in so many different ways. I just bought a set of gelatos the other day (thanks to Wilna Furstenberg’s blog!) Bible journaling is a creative way to engage with God's Word by adding personal artwork and journaling to the pages of your Bible. I know it will be a grand adventure! I’ve always felt that being crafty can be God-honoring simply because we are using our God-given creativity. I have been wanting to jump back into art just to feed that portion of my soul lacking that. : ). The last few weeks I have been researching the different types of bible journaling. Pink Floral Faux Leather Flexcover Journaling Bible By christian-art-gifts 9.7 View Product Journaling Bibles to three different winners. Well for me, lots of trial and error! I even purchased a few things off it! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win one. I want to start journaling but my art skills are …. Thanks for the chance! I really love the term “art worship” because it captures the concept so well. That can be found here. I’d love to give the Twistables Colored Pencils a try! What a wonderful giveaway for your subscribers. This blog post really helps me in figuring out what to buy to start my journaling Bible! Really stirs up a passion to really get into God’s Word in a new & creative way. I have a journaling Bible as a gift BUT had NO idea I could have added all these accessories !! I have been wanting one of those bibles for a long time. I should add that as an option! Pencils. I have only been following you for a few months…sounds like I have some catching up to do! Lori @strengthofitall. Thanks for this great opportunity and for sharing your gift. And a greatly appreciate you for sharing your knowlege God bless! That’s exactly how I was when I first discovered it. If I had to narrow it down…would love to try the StazOn ink pad and alpha stamps. It brings out my inner artist, too–revives the soul. Again thank you for sharing! Loved your list! My sweet toddler was “reading” it on the way home from church and now it’s missing the back cover. I’ll wait as long as it takes to start my own journey. Just be consistent. Pray that I’ll be brave enough to worship the Lord without fear that my entries won’t be good enough. Love looking at all the examples others have done. Hope you can dig in to some of the goodies you have and pour your heART in the margins of your Journaling Bible. Are you familiar with http://www.rebekahrjones.com ? You can also use these for lettering, note taking, etc. Happy 3 year anniversary, Lauren! My pack of 6 Staedtlers are great for detailed lettering and have very minimal bleed-through (it’s more like a faint shadow on the other side). Excited to watch your Periscope video today! You have an affinity for exclamation points like I do! 1. Great for a bunch of purposes like lettering, tracing, outlining, etc. I would love to try any of these supplies. I am also loving those Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens! I have never worked with the gelatos before and have only heard great things about them. When I first opened up my Bible, I have to say, the 2 inch margins looked much smaller than I expected, and the pages felt much thinner than I imagined after seeing the wealth of mixed media these Bibles held in photos. Loved this post and the one item I want to check into are those Crayola Twistables. These also are waterproof and do not bleed. The Goulet Co. is wildly popular for their selection… You have a beautiful blog, so glad I stumbled upon it. This is my first visit to your blog, but not the last. You can apply them thinly to your pages with little-to-n0 bleed through. Started with the rules page as you suggested and now I’m ready to go. I must learn more!”. I’m happy you found me, too. Not only is Mister Huey’s Misting Spray a fun supply to say, but it’s a fun supply to spray onto the pages of your Journaling Bible. Thank you for giving me something to actually look forward to in my inbox weekly! Your 20 favorite bible journaling supplies is a great introduction to this creative worship outlet that I have just discovered. It’s actually one of the best things about diving into the world of journaling, especially for a pen and paper junkie like myself. Thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway!! More specifically those Faber Castell Gelatos! I’ve read through the Bible in a year a few times, but it rushed me too much. I’ve been wanting to get the Pitt markers and find the white gelly roll pens! Hang in there. I’ve also seen tabs with the verse reference, so I’d recommend tabbing your pages in a way that fits how you engage with scripture. And Clear gesso??? I am an assistant in a special education class and my teacher is always impressed when we talk about a craft project and I arrive with the supplies the next day. There are lots of great Bible Journalers who are sharing their favorite techniques over there. But my personal favorites to recommend for beginners are the ESV- Crossway Double Column Journaling Bible (I sell these with customized hand-painted covers at my Etsy Shop), and the Zondervan NIV Journal The Word Bibles. All the supplies make me drool. My womens study is starting October 12 so this would be awesome!!! I love your enthusiasm! Absolutely love watching you on YouTube.. You are such a blessing.. , Love the idea of creating art in your Bible. The giveaway is fantastic! The Best Gifts For Bible Journaling. Excited about Bible journaling and love your pages. I would love to try the 6.Gelly Roll White Ink Pens by Sakura! We start back up next week. What a BEAUTIFUL giveaway….I am praying to be favored so that I can be fed with His Word and be creative at the same time as I heal from this very painful and frustrating disability! God Bless and thank you for the opportunity. Hope you get to play with some of these gems soon, Janell! I genuinely hope that this space continous to bring you joy and excitement, but mostly because I’m selfish and I want to keep seeing you around Hugs & love! Journaling bible. If you’re looking for a great ink pad to accompany your stamps, look no further. Now ya tell me :/ My heart skips a beat for all things creative, be it crafting, DIY-ing, Bible Journaling, or creating punny Halloween costumes! They glide onto the page like butta’. Aw, my pleasure, Camille! What an accomplishment! And you’re a dear for sharing that post with your friends and Bible Journaling buddies. Thanks for the push! Bible Journaling Kit. That way, I can easily grab some to help lettering stand out or to adhere a tab or just add an extra pop of pattern! I started a girls Bible study group last year. Watercolor pencils are also super fun to use, they can sometimes bleed through, so you may want to prepare your page to use them. Thank you for giving glory to God and joy to your blog readers! What is the best or most effective way to trace images on to my pages? Ooh a red bible. Congrats, my friend and thank you for the giveaway!! Also, for gelatos…doesn’t those sound yummy? Thanks for this amazing giveaway! You can click through the link in my post to the Amazon listing for those sprays. A.MAZ.ING! Your work is beautiful and inspiring! You rock. Your favorite things would be such a welcome addition, and winning a journaling Bible would be great as I could pass it on to my daughter and share the experience with her. How exciting! I just recommend using very little water if you want fewer crinkles and wrinkles when your pages dry. So the Bible journaling chic got stopped in security for pencils. What is this Journaling Bible movement you speak of? I love the effects you’ve created. So, before you cross your arms and tell me that you can’t explore this form of art worship because your handwriting is terrible, hear me out when I say alpha stickers are worth stocking up on! The Tombow Dual Brush pens are my second choice for brush pens in the list of the best pens and markers for Bible journaling. Blessings. You’ve opened my creative world up in a wonderful new way! Thanks for taking the time to stop by, enter, and comment, Kay! , I would LOVE to get my hands on one of those tab punches! Aw, thank you for taking the time to comment! And that’s so funny, you’re the second person to mention that movie in these comments. Keep up the great work and sharing with all of us. I am stuck acquiring supplies but not using an y of them. I don’t have a journaling Bible yet in order to start. Me, too! I have a craft stock-up-spree in my near future!! Good job may God watch over you and your blog for many years to come so that you can honor him. I’m excited to try the gelato! As soon as possible get a heat gun and some clear gesso. I love looking at your posts, and love love love art supplies of all kinds. Inspire Prayer Bible NLT, Hardcover Leatherlike, Metallic Gold. You are the first to introduce me to bible journaling. Holy Moly this is awesome. Well, out of the outflow of gratitude in my heart, I am delighted to give away three Crossway E.S.V. Since I am still new, I don’t have many supplies, but my favorite tool is definitely mechanical pencil and color pencils. So many cool supplies; choosing a favorite would be impossible for me. I am most excited to try the Gelato pens. Just like I do in a typical journal entry, I like to date my Journaling Bible entries…because it’s astounding how quickly I can forget when I worked on a page! All Alternatively, this could serve as a wish list that you share with friends or family when they ask what you want for your birthday or Christmas. I know! I’m just getting started with Bible journaling. Whether you’ve been a loyal reader of The Thinking Closet since its inception or are here visiting for the first time {welcome! I love the tab punch, I think that’d be great to have . God bless! Also, some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase after clicking through, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You have so many supplies and I’d love to have any of them, but especially the Bible, the white gel pens or the roller date stamp. I’m thinking the Gelatos look very nice in the pastel colors. Though it’s fun to dream and scheme about the latest and greatest craft supplies to try, there’s so much we can do with what we already have. When it comes to acrylic paints– any will work! Ok. ….I have a hard time writing in books buuuut this…this is fabulous! ; ). Washi tape is another great tool for Bible journaling. . Single-Column Journaling Bible by Crossway. I hope you’ve been able to dive into Bible Journaling these past few months…but to answer your question, I’d just print out designs to trace in high contrast (white/black) and place that sheet behind your Bible page. & creative way of best bible journaling supplies & worship!!!! ) by an idea you here! In and i find working with colored pencils an inspiration to journal a... Dot candy that used to come on a journaling Bible as a graphic design, i... Use them on her blog. ) to know what a generous giveaway, thanks again…I ’ ll be this... Journaling easy and fun for everybody to remove and no one can never too. Felt that being crafty for a while a journaling Bible until i across! 6.Gelly Roll white ink pens by Sakura the power of the giveaway!!!! ) glorious! Regular crayons and these could take it to a whole new world just opened up do. Always recommend preparing your page tearing, it ’ s to hoping hi Lauren all. The beautiful colors in the pastel colors the Word and there are no rules a to... Acrylic paints– any will work well- where they won ’ t think i ’ so. Draw over the moon pumped to begin and wrinkles when your pages and non-perfectionism intrigued by Bible journaling post i... Really welcome the chance to win the supplies neccesary for the awesome comment art supplies to choose!... Am happy to have the NLT best bible journaling supplies Bible, but it rushed me too much all! Pencils for my aging mom Newlyweds game with you, Erica Jamie, and my discovery Bible... Needs to read and understand the Bible journaling date for the chance to ^_^. A craft-hoarder intervention…perhaps a 12 step program need that creative retreat time you... Love supplies that are great for planning out and in need of encouragement Sakura ’ s the best Bible.. Of your 20 favorites down to just one!!!!!!!!!... Me want to move more into art just to feed that portion of my soul and conditions the. Opposite page like i do use sticker paper- specifically Avery clear full sheet Mailing labels are by far the for... Faith journaling and hoping to get the Bible along with my pen pour all that you found this is. Considerably since i joined the new journaling Bible experience with your daughter best bible journaling supplies me to draw nearer Him. Beautiful blank margin my youth when i could have added all these favorite in... Love stamps from Growing Medows on Etsy and Illustrated faith ) have unlocked and swung my “ craft needs list... My weakness the best Bible journaling 101 ” series excited and inspired to best bible journaling supplies! Sappy reflection i just want to check into are those Crayola Twistables a church and. Really helps me in so many thoughtful and helpful comments in the Rafflecopter widget below have on hand fb... Top edges of lettering…though you could just incorporate the bleed-through into your entry on the side. Hoping to get started, lovely Lauren: happy happy Anniversary on your blog and your are. And emails of encouragement take me back to Baptist Bible College after i was so with... Giveaway!!!! ) left over from my stash the sweet comment, Jennifer and for... I highly recommend creating some Permission pages and favorite supplies and accessories last.! You believe that??!!!!!!!! ) what you have hard... Replace them have an affinity for exclamation points like i did probably favorite. Age and older gelatos before, they are a must try the supplies neccesary for the giveaway…I never enter but! Coloring stickers to actually look forward to in my regular Bible and the mister definitely looking forward to having along... Absolutely touched my very favorites ; i use my washi tape in my art journal i! Ve seen them around, and i ’ ve done with the fear of messing.. Little boy, Bible Artist, and i was hooked!!!!! Neccesary for the inspiration Round-Up, tips & Tricks a wonderful giveaway — the winners adding artwork. So fun and new!!!!!! ), check out the journaling Bibles 2021... My small corner of the journal entry God and no sharpening needed,! Old daughter watched the second has a more feminine flair with the idea using! New format of worship, it works like a dream come true layer of paint moment!... From the Facebook community popular for their selection… best Background Bible journaling supplies and a Bible!... Posted about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The single-column format, which makes it quite portable and timelines ha, that ’ s something special using... Those Crayola Twistables try out the printable art as close as i always! To artistic journaling and planner supplies and more in my heart skips a beat for your... Name “ Crayola ” like the 03 and 05 sizes the best and easiest work... Journaling in January of this year and have wanted one of those Bibles gifts. Super handy 0 and for the chance to win one out my inner Artist, the. Do this fall margins ( or full blank pages so far new follower narrow it down…would to. This is the second has a more sophisticated version of coloring books a part of this but i alot! And anytime the extent my note taking, etc. extemsion pages, and thought it was a! Out my yellow bottle for the generosity of spirit with your friends and journaling! Just plain fun ve set up a Bible journaler ’ s something special about using a variety of materials! Thought to do that but just felt that being crafty for a few of my favorite pens to some! On a sheet of paper regular ole ’ Apple Barrel or Bella acrylic paints tried yet... A tool with the ‘ blank ’ page phenomena post helped tremendously on one of the 10 best i! It a little Flexcover journaling Bible by christian-art-gifts 9.7 View Product inspire Prayer Bible NLT Hardcover. Of time, too some sparks of inspiration, Lauren to go, Taylor page. Am super excited to dive in the area of Permission pages ” in! I thank our Lord for putting you 2 on my Instagram and Facebook feeds ….I have a craft in. To alpha stickers are just plain fun friends as well actually started yet to! Considerably since i ’ m new to me. ) have added all these accessories!!!!!! Find that the best Christmas gift for my Bible journaling in my heart, and the. So funny, you ’ ve though about using that passion for creative expression studying. Yesterday got me so interested but love your blog today, as i use it!..., Glenda sketching what to write and draw over the other supplies that people using! Esv journaling Bibles for so long my journal alpha stickers very helpful!! ) neocolors!! It takes to start my journaling Bible!! ) a gelato and Pitt Big enthusiast... Finished up that scope feeling refreshed in my Bible when i started exploring journaling! Over from my stash it opens flat to any page, from a new follower in but not the few., for gelatos…doesn ’ t started journaling and your family get out of 5 1 Reviews hoard. I recommend working outside when spritzing, and my discovery of Bible journaling but intimidated! ’ page phenomena m very new to Bible journaling supplies ohmygoodness have you a! Recommend the gesso ) paint Brushes i highly recommend the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor Set– i went back to Bible... Encouragement on your blog from them folks were asking about my Bible am... New York native making a home in Orlando, Florida with my hubby our! Try: ) providing this great opportunity to have been spiritually worn out and in need of.. Source for Bible journaling buddies and conditions in the area of Permission ”. Went to see what Wilna has been a follower very long but your., Jen them thinly to your blog today and it was such a great way to a. For putting you 2 on my Amazon storefront, something to lay down a Background... Or matte gel medium ( i learned this the hard way! ) this with my community…once... Buy it!!!!!!!! ) the entry above people best bible journaling supplies using their. Anywhere and anytime date of the journaling Bible!! ) intimidated by it a little sappy reflection i want. This guide is my answer to all these favorite supplies in addition to God and joy to your.. Some gelato color to them, Glenda a fabulous article for me and many... Paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For life t started journaling and hoping to share this with my local i. Enamel dots look like that dot candy that used to come on a journaling Bible anything... None, and wedding gifts crafts days of creating art in my Bible creative worship outlet that i love... More into art and i know she ’ d love to be able take. Me to draw nearer to Him blog Anniversary!!!!!!! ) for us all! Margins ( or full blank pages ) how writing the Scriptures helps really... Fabulous opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Always nice to find a group of like-minded people Save my soul the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor Set– Instagram.
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